Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Custom Made One-of-a-Kind Eyewear

Fitting frames to patients is part of an optician's job. Much of the time carefully selected frames can be bent, twisted, curved, rolled, shortened, lengthened, or otherwise modified to achieve a satisfactory fit. However, it takes a lot of work to get a great fit, and with most frames perfection is impossible.

British royalty, Saudi oil billionaires, and Hollywood celebrities have never had such fitting issues because their frames a custom hand made by designers like Tom Davies to their exact measurements and specifications ("bespoke" in English parlance). But at ₤5,000 a frame, that's obviously not realistic for the rest of us.

Tom Davies realized this and opened his own specialty frame company, TD Tom Davies. From his workshop he supplies opticians around the world with the tools and resources to measure, design, and build their own custom frames, piece by piece, at a price accessible to any spectacle wearer.

I custom design Tom Davies eyewear. I have a collection of two dozen of Tom's latest styles, which even off the shelf are the most exquisitely designed and highest quality frames in the shop. From these great models my customers and I change shapes and sizes, select hinge styles, and pick from palettes of dozens of colors and finishes, all to create a 100% unique frame design. Then I measure all the customer's facial dimensions that affect frame fit to create the most precision custom tailored eyewear possible.

This eyewear is not merely about custom design and personalized fitting, but also about exceptional quality. Only the finest quality acetates (the best plastic material for frames) in rich colors and highest grade optical titanium are used, and everything is assembled perfect precision under Tom's own personal supervision.

The end result is the most perfect eyewear possible: unique personalized design, ideal fit, and extraordinary quality craftsmanship.

Here is a great article on a style blog about Tom Davies: http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2010/10/bespoke-glasses-at-td-tom-davies.html

Fastcompany profiles the "next big thing" in fashion, Tom Davies Bespoke eyewear: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/143/next-design-golden-eye.html

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  1. Some of those pressing machines in that video are really incredible. With as flimsy and fragile as glasses are, they sure take a beating in the creation process. Each of those machines had to be producing a lot of pressure per square inch onto that metal to get it to bend.