Thursday, August 25, 2011

"The Office" Style Promo Videos for Geek Eyewear

This is a series of "The Office"-like videos produced by Geek Eyewear, promoting obviously the eponymously geeky frames. Fans of The Office ought to approve.

I've got a pair of the boss' geeks myself. Geek frames are great: fun, trendy, and inexpensive. Everyone ought to have a pair as a fun second style.

The Boss

The Receptionist

The Genius

Here's the Youtube channel:

Monday, August 22, 2011




The Marshall from Seraphin Eyewear

Seraphin is redefining eyewear by adapting the finest elements of luxury eyewear from the past into fresh, contemporary interpretations intended to please the eyewear aspirant with a keen intellectual perception of fashion. Within each frame lies a unique story that exemplifies the characteristics of the model and validates its place in the collection. Each captivating style reflects a celebrated trendsetter of a bygone era through the placement of acute details, rich color and handmade materials.

The Hayes Sun enshrouds one in an air of mystery; perfect for an afternoon tryst, a covert te^te-a`-te^te or a walk on the red carpet. With its graceful sweeping lines, the Hayes is sculpted to enhance the wearer's features and yet precisely hides one's flirtatious intent.

The Hayes from Seraphin Eyewear

Inspired by the bold characters found sailing along the Italian coastline, the Marshall is the standard in men's vintage sunglasses. Sculpted of Italian acetate, this sleek model puts forth an element of refined power.  The angular shape and use of fine materials gives this style a modern flavor.

A showcase quality sunwear style, the Excelsior is an eye-catching model that is reminiscent of the glamour of 1960′s Hollywood. The Excelsior features an over-sized, geometric front made of Seraphin's premium Italian acetate that fits a variety of different personalities. This model is an exquisite style intended to please even the most critical fashionista.

The Excelsior from Seraphin Eyewear

Seraphin's Neoclassic Sunwear Collection reflects the growing demand for sophisticated sunwear that challenges the perceptions of vintage eyewear.  The use of finely crafted materials such as handmade Mazzucchelli acetate, 100% pure titanium and OBE hinges solidifies Seraphin's position in an elite class of the finest sunwear in the world.

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