Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fun with Antiques

I had the opportunity to make some cool antique spectacles: rimless turn-of-the-century pince-nez style.

They were a lot of fun and work with the custom mounting I did. The customer is a fan of vintage and antiques, and plans to use the pince-nez pairs as "hat and tails" attire.

Teddy Roosevelt was an iconic pince-nez wearer.
Morpheus revived the coolness of the style.

Original 1.5mm thick glass lenses. The clamps on either side sit flat against the lens surface, and screw connects the clamps through a hole in the lens to keep it securely in place.

My new polycarbonate lenses were thicker (necessary for proper curvature and better vision) so I cut grooves so the clamps could be recessed into the lens. Notice here the clamps are almost flush with the lens surface, not sitting on top of it.  


The full metal round pair was a third for the same customer: a nicely patinaed WWII-era antique. This one was cake compared to the pince-nez.